Terms & Conditions

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This is your network. Treat it accordingly.

Remember that we work for you. We rely on you to do the right thing when adding content, creating and maintaining your networking profile page. OpenSourceUniverse serves your interests. Period! It is therefore your responsibility to accurately position yourself to register, create and maintain your profile page. If you want to be eligible, and continue to be eligible to share in the rewards of our unique distribution of advertising royalties, or simply just enjoy the features of the network, you are called upon to show the up-most discretion at all times when using the OpenSourceUniverse network. We retain the right at any time to terminate your registration effective immediately, without warning or explanation, if we believe you are abusing the features and functions of the OpenSourceUniverse network.

As laws and guidelines may be updated and changed over time, we expect that you understand and also agree that your registration conditions automatically do so with these changes.

Posting licensed, patented or trademarked content must be done accordingly and with consent, or in conjunction with the criteria outlined by the trademark, patent or license holder. OpenSourceUniverse is not liable or responsible for, and neither does it monitor the content of links that may be posted throughout members profile pages. OpenSourceUniverse acts to ensure all international copyright laws are followed. Should we receive any form of official or registered complaint, we instantly act to remove the profile in question.

We do not condone bored, un-intelligent, un-original law breaking idiots. We urge you to contact us if you come across any. Our monkey, "Franj", who you met on the home-page, will follow up! We have the best monkeys that peanuts can buy (working along side Franj). Together they will weed out offenders one by one and come down hard on them with full monkey force and vengeance.

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